Ian Fisk PCFA Men's Health Ambassador Speaker

In November of 2006 I attended a PCFA training session in Melbourne.

Since early 2007 I have presented a number of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) Prostate Cancer PowerPoint presentions to various groups around South Australia.

I have also presented 'My Story' at a number of Prostate Cancer Awareness Evenings for the Prostate Cancer Action Group. (a version of 'My story' is also on the ABC site here.)

In April 2009 I received some additional training for the expanded Men's Health Ambassador Speaker Program which included a section on Continence.

I am available (at no cost to the group) to give a presentation on Prostate Health to any group in South Australia that would like to have me! I cannot give medical advice but only some information freely available in many publications, websites and learned from our research and personal experience.

Ring me on 08 8296 3350 or 0407 963 355 or email ian(at)ianfisk.org replace (at) with @

The Commonweath Government Funding ceased on June 30 2010. There is only limited continence content in the latest presentation.

A new presentation has been available from early 2017.

There is more information on the Ambassador program here.

See the PCFA website or ring feecall 1800 22 00 99

or facebook